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Thursday, 27 August 2015



Some people's lives evolve around it.  My  husband loves the telly and so do my girls.  Me?  Well, I don't have much of choice, it's a "man thing" to hog the remote all day and all night.

My poor hubby has been off work ALL summer.  (Yes he is genuinely sick, he goes to see the assessor who declares him unfit to work).  He flicks through the telly day and night.  Even though we live in Spain we pick up a selected few UK channels through a small dish on the roof of the apartment block.

Our day usually goes something like this:

Sky News
History Channel - Pawn Stars
Fox - CSI / CSI New York or some other CSI
Horror Channel - Star Trek
Calle 13 - Law & Order SVU
Sports, he likes to watch (if there is any on) i.e Golf, Tennis, Football,  Cricket, Snooker, Darts, Athletics...and if it's not on the telly you can bet it'll be on the radio!  Thanks to good old 5 Live!

Me?  Well, I used to enjoy watching the soaps.  EastEnders was my favourite, but now I don't watch it.  (And I'm a big Danny Dyer fan!)  Or Emmerdale, or Corrie.   Out of everything on the above list, I watch CSI and SVU.  When the Brit Awards are on I have a look just to see how old I feel when I realise I have never heard of the winners or just shake my head at the performances.  Occasionally there may me a movie on worth watching, but they're all repeats as well.  Of course.  And I always flick straight through the True Movies channels.  I have no idea who the Kadashians are and I have only sat through about 10 minutes of an episode of TOWIE.  I never watch Strictly, I caught a very brief glimpse when hubby dashed out for half an hour when we were on holiday in Scotland last autumn and that was it, X Factor, well, I used to watch it religiously.  It was my essential Saturday night viewing while hubs was working. Not any more!  I have only seen about half an episode of The Voice as well.  I have never seen Goerdie Shore, Made in Chelsea or anything along these lines so I have a bit of a confused look on my face when any of the stars of these programmes pop up in the OK magazine feed, because I honestly have no idea who these people are!

As for the girls, well, they're tuned into cartoons all day.  How lucky are they?  When I was a kid it was Saturday morning cartoons and maybe a couple of hours after school during the week.  No YouTube in my day!  Blue Peter and Grange Hill back then...and Going Live! on a Saturday morning...I remember Howerd's Way and the Antiques Roadshow on a Sunday night and that was a sure fire way to let me  know that it was nearly Monday and SCHOOL.

Image result for i'm a celebrity 2015

One thing I do watch, and will be watching is I'm A Calebrity...Get Me Out of Here! just because I like to pull disgusted faces at the things these people are made to eat, eeewwwwww.

I have showed the kids some of things I used to watch when I was a kid.  My favourites were Bugs Bunny, Fraggle Rock, RentAGhost, She-Ra, Jem on a Saturday morning, DangerMouse, Trap Door, Snoopy, Duckula, Dogtanian, Cities of Gold, WizBit, the list goes on...and they approve of some of these!

Our channels show the same old movies, we don't have NetFlix or anything fancy like that, and if the weather is bad (which sometimes it can be) we lose the signal and predict that there is a storm on the way.  We're sometimes right.

The Pink Panther...yes I used to watch this.  Mostly because he's pink

Thank you for the click! 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Photo Friday

So I've spotted on Twitter that it's here's my contribution

A few Costa Blanca sunsets.  


Thursday, 20 August 2015

How To Spot an Ex-Pat at 10 Paces


They're on their own planet, aren't they?

I thought I'd post a little light-hearted look at ex-pat life here on the Costa.  I wonder how many can relate?

Here's how to spot one:

  • They can be found hanging out at Ex-pat cafes and restaurants - usually ordering an English Breakfast or a Sunday Roast
  • They usually carry English print newspapers and chat about UKTV
  • When entering a renowned Ex-pat area you count how many UK registered cars seen
  • They speak SLOWLY and LOUDLY thinking Spaniards understand
  • They prefer a good old cup of PG Tips to a Spanish infusion
  • They ALWAYS complain about the weather...too hot, cold, wet, etc.
  • They hang out in packs...where there's one, you can be sure there are more nearby!
  • They like their own 'areas' with their bars, restaurants, etc. 
  • A day out is to another British urbanisation...
  • or Benidorm.
  • ...For lunch of a jacket potato with cheese and beans
  • OR fish n chips, if possible
  • They shop in Iceland..."that's why mums on the Costa go to..."
  • White socks and sandals optional (that's the men!)
  • Bum bag optional (at the market)

Similar to tourists, but work here.  (Unless retired, of course).

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I'll be back soon x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Online Life

My name is Kelly and I am a weboholic.  There.  I said it.
I do spend a lot of time online.  Am I an internet addict?
How much time is 'average' for a user?  Excuse me, I'll just go Google that...
Eight hours 41 minutes, that's how long the average user spends online.  Thank you, Google.  
Do I spend eight hours online? That seems to be an awful long time.  But, I suppose, if I'm not Facebooking, Instagramming, Pinteresting, Googling, Blogging, Tweeting or checking my Emails, I'm probably sleeping.  
I don't post on Facebook daily, but I do like to be nosey, like everyone, right? 
I know my name must show up as 'online' for most of the day, I'm usually job hunting or reading the papers. 
I say I'm not really a reader but that's not strictly true.  I just don't read paper books.  I read lots, yes, online.  Articles, blogs, newspapers, magazines, I catch up with family at home via Skype and WhatsApp and make my own playlists on Spotify.  (This generation's mix tapes).  Keeps me busy and out of trouble.    If I could get paid for it as well, that would be just perfect.
How did I cope before we 'went WiFi?' 
Well, at first of course, there was the humble Email address.  My friends and I often trotted down to the Internet CafĂ© to check our emails and maybe go into a chat room.  AOL Messenger, I think it was in those days. 
Then Facebook came along and changed everything.  I didn't have a computer or internet access at home so I seldom went online to check and had a handful friends anyway.  It's amazing that I can now chat to friends from all different phases of my life and whom live all over the world. 
And since the arrival of the Smartphone, I don't even have to log into a computer to check my emails!  I know, I'm getting on a bit, but I'm still cool, thank you! Apart from if I lose connection, then I may lose my temper.

I mean, let's face it, the telly's rubbish, eh?  I don't even watch EastEnders any more, and I am a BIG Danny Dyer fan.  But I guess, if I'm desperate, there's always YouTube...

Speaking of YouTube, I have been a bit nostalgic of late and I've showed my kids some of the shows I used to watch when I was small.  Fraggle Rock, She-Ra, Garfield, Snoopy, the list goes on and on.

I don't do shopping online, though, or online banking.  My nan of almost 90 does!  And, I gave up Candy Crush ages ago.  Don't have time anymore.

Without my internet I may just stop breathing.  Try to take it away at your peril...!

I'd love to stay all night chatting, but I have paperwork to preview and tunes to download.  So, if you'll excuse me...

This pic was taken on a mobile phone, edited with Apps and uploaded to the web.  It's all clever stuff, eh?

I love my online life.