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Kelly McLachlan
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

How To Spot an Ex-Pat at 10 Paces


They're on their own planet, aren't they?

I thought I'd post a little light-hearted look at ex-pat life here on the Costa.  I wonder how many can relate?

Here's how to spot one:

  • They can be found hanging out at Ex-pat cafes and restaurants - usually ordering an English Breakfast or a Sunday Roast
  • They usually carry English print newspapers and chat about UKTV
  • When entering a renowned Ex-pat area you count how many UK registered cars seen
  • They speak SLOWLY and LOUDLY thinking Spaniards understand
  • They prefer a good old cup of PG Tips to a Spanish infusion
  • They ALWAYS complain about the weather...too hot, cold, wet, etc.
  • They hang out in packs...where there's one, you can be sure there are more nearby!
  • They like their own 'areas' with their bars, restaurants, etc. 
  • A day out is to another British urbanisation...
  • or Benidorm.
  • ...For lunch of a jacket potato with cheese and beans
  • OR fish n chips, if possible
  • They shop in Iceland..."that's why mums on the Costa go to..."
  • White socks and sandals optional (that's the men!)
  • Bum bag optional (at the market)

Similar to tourists, but work here.  (Unless retired, of course).

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I'll be back soon x