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Kelly McLachlan
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Online Life

My name is Kelly and I am a weboholic.  There.  I said it.
I do spend a lot of time online.  Am I an internet addict?
How much time is 'average' for a user?  Excuse me, I'll just go Google that...
Eight hours 41 minutes, that's how long the average user spends online.  Thank you, Google.  
Do I spend eight hours online? That seems to be an awful long time.  But, I suppose, if I'm not Facebooking, Instagramming, Pinteresting, Googling, Blogging, Tweeting or checking my Emails, I'm probably sleeping.  
I don't post on Facebook daily, but I do like to be nosey, like everyone, right? 
I know my name must show up as 'online' for most of the day, I'm usually job hunting or reading the papers. 
I say I'm not really a reader but that's not strictly true.  I just don't read paper books.  I read lots, yes, online.  Articles, blogs, newspapers, magazines, I catch up with family at home via Skype and WhatsApp and make my own playlists on Spotify.  (This generation's mix tapes).  Keeps me busy and out of trouble.    If I could get paid for it as well, that would be just perfect.
How did I cope before we 'went WiFi?' 
Well, at first of course, there was the humble Email address.  My friends and I often trotted down to the Internet Café to check our emails and maybe go into a chat room.  AOL Messenger, I think it was in those days. 
Then Facebook came along and changed everything.  I didn't have a computer or internet access at home so I seldom went online to check and had a handful friends anyway.  It's amazing that I can now chat to friends from all different phases of my life and whom live all over the world. 
And since the arrival of the Smartphone, I don't even have to log into a computer to check my emails!  I know, I'm getting on a bit, but I'm still cool, thank you! Apart from if I lose connection, then I may lose my temper.

I mean, let's face it, the telly's rubbish, eh?  I don't even watch EastEnders any more, and I am a BIG Danny Dyer fan.  But I guess, if I'm desperate, there's always YouTube...

Speaking of YouTube, I have been a bit nostalgic of late and I've showed my kids some of the shows I used to watch when I was small.  Fraggle Rock, She-Ra, Garfield, Snoopy, the list goes on and on.

I don't do shopping online, though, or online banking.  My nan of almost 90 does!  And, I gave up Candy Crush ages ago.  Don't have time anymore.

Without my internet I may just stop breathing.  Try to take it away at your peril...!

I'd love to stay all night chatting, but I have paperwork to preview and tunes to download.  So, if you'll excuse me...

This pic was taken on a mobile phone, edited with Apps and uploaded to the web.  It's all clever stuff, eh?

I love my online life.